Here are four full tracks from the Jumpin' Blue recording sessions:

     I'd always been known as James Christen, until...

back in the mid-90s I was playing a gig somewhere in

Santa Barbara when, out of the blue, the club owner gave

me the nickname of JimmyC. Although hesitant about it

at first, I realized there was no turning back. On that

fateful night, James morphed into JimmyC. In my music

world, as well as with friends, I've been known as that

ever since.

     After moving to Santa Barbara in the mid-80s, I entered the scene as a single musician, playing an acoustic guitar and singing at the hot spots back in the day. Through the years my single gig turned into a duo, a trio, a quartet… all the way to a full band with horns, playing electric or acoustic guitar based on whatever was needed for a particular show.

     In the late 90s, I formed an original blues band called Jumpin' Blue. Although we should have done more, the band recorded only one CD called The World Rolls On. Since then I have been in a number of ensembles, both on acoustic and electric guitar. Currently I play in a popular band called Do No Harm. This time on bass and vocals rather than guitar.