When I'm an author, my moniker converts to the more formal James Christen. As of early 2023, I have written and published two books sold exclusively on Amazon:

     ~  Old Joe's Fate is a collection of short stories:

     If you like short stories that remind you of the gripping vignettes you've seen on The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, then Old Joe's Fate  is the right book for you. These eight engaging tales are so visual you'll feel as if you're watching rather than reading them.

     ~  In Concert: Snowblind is a full novel about a band touring the Midwest club circuit in 1974:

     In Concert: Snowblind, is a dramatic, character-driven story about goals and obstacles, friendships created and challenged, lessons learned and truths brought to light. And it's about discovering that earned rewards can be something more amazing than ever imagined. “To stay inside, frightened of cruel weather,” Duncan says, “would mean missing out on the rainbow after the storm. And I've always felt that standing in a soggy field, drenched to the bone, was the only way to view a rainbow.”

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In Concert: Snowblind

A Musical Adventure

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Old Joe's Fate

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